How to Add Special Characters in Blogger Posts

How to Add Special Characters in Blogger Posts

Have you seen those popular sites that add different special characters in their articles, including currency $, trademark ™, copyright © or registered ® symbol? These characters are typically known as ASCII characters. Because these special characters are not present on a standard keyboard and it is difficult to remember the HTML Codes for these characters. Therefore, it makes it difficult for beginners to use these characters. In this article, we will show you how to add special characters in blogger posts.

Adding Special Characters Using Blogger Post Editor:

Blogger comes with a building visual composer that provides plenty of handy options while writing posts or pages. It is an ideal tool for beginners to write their articles, who have no or less knowledge about HTML. Luckily, it also provides a built-in feature that allows to add special characters anywhere in your articles. Also read 19 useful Keyboard shortcuts for Blogger Post Editor.

Firstly, Go to Blogger >> New Post >> Select compose tab, if it is not already selected. Now you’ll be able to see a few options in the toolbar. Select the Special Characters Button as it is shown in the screenshot below:

After clicking the special characters button, a new window will pop-up showing complete list of commonly used symbols. It has currency symbols, arrows, math expressions, trademark, copyrights, emoticons and much more signs that you can use in your articles.

Every symbol is nicely arranged into different categories. If you want to add currency symbols you can simple select Symbols as your main category and Currency as your subcategory from the drop down menu and it will list all available currency symbols.

To make it easier, you can also search different keywords in the search bar to find the right special character that you need for your articles.

However, if you don’t remember the name of a specific special character, but somehow remember how it looks. You can use simply draw that symbol and it will find the just right symbol for you, as it is shown in the screenshot below.

Now just click on the symbol that you would like to add in your article, and it will be added to your post.

Adding Special Characters Using Unicode HTML Entities:

Another way of adding special characters to Blogger is though Unicode HTML Entities. Since HTML mode of the Blogger Post editor doesn’t provide a special character button, you have to write HTML codes to display special characters in your posts.

These characters are represented by different numbers and each number represents a different special character. However, it would be difficult to remember exactly which number will produce what special character. Therefore, each special character used in HTML has entity names, which makes it easier for you to remember.

Following are the few list of HTML character entity references that you can use while writing HTML codes:

HTML Entity Names Symbol
$ $
© ©
® ®

If you want the complete range of HTML Entity for character and symbol, you can visit the character entity reference chart page on website.

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