How to Change a Mouse Cursor in Blogger

We frequently see a lot of people customizing their blog by implementing different practices like custom background, color schemes, widgets and etc. We received a similar query from one of our reader asking about how to change a mouse cursor in blogger? A custom cursor brings distinctiveness and magnetism to your site, and it might turn out to be a great addition to your site too. Today, in this article, we will be telling you how to change a mouse cursor in blogger.

What is a Mouse cursor?

In the computers, a mouse cursor is kind of a graphical image that helps to point other images. It is mostly used to perform functions like clicking, dragging, selecting and moving one thing to another place. It is like an arrow or a pointer. It is also known as a reference point.

Where to find Mouse cursor Images?

It’s obvious you cannot create a custom cursor image of your own until you are a quite good with Adobe Photoshop. To find cursor images go to and select it according to your needs.

How To Change Mouse Cursor In Blogger:

First and foremost login into your blogger account and go to Template >> Edit HTML. Look for the bskin tag and just above it paste the following piece of coding. Keep in mind do not forget to replace Your-Cursor-Image.png with the URL of the cursor. We would recommend you to check out our article how to host images in blogger to get an Image URL of your cursor.

cursor: url(Your-Cursor-Image.png), auto;

Once everything is done save the template and you have successfully customize your mouse cursor to a image of your choice. You should go and checkout how it looks in real.

We hope this tutorial would be useful for all those people who are looking to customize their mouse cursor. It is a simple CSS technique that we have utilized to replace the default cursor with a newer one of our choice. If you have anything to say then do not hesitate to comment below.

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